A continued growth in the region ...
The expansion starts The search of new challenges and markets has been a permanent endeavor for SKBergé. Consequently, in the year 2000 the company decides to widen its business scope by crossing borders and initiates an important zonal expansion by entering into the Peruvian market with the official representation of the Kia brand, being awarded by the Asian manufacturer as 2005’s best distributor in Latin America.

In Peru, SKBergé achieves outstanding performance in the market, which leads to launch the Fiat brand in 2004 and Alfa Romeo in 2007. In this same year, Chery is the first Chinese brand that enters into the Peruvian market, becoming in a short period of time the best-selling brand of its origin, gaining confidence and good quality reputation. In 2011 SKBergé adds to its operations in Peru the Mitsubishi and Fuso brands. After eight years of excellent results in Peru, SKBergé has become the fifth largest importer in terms of market share.
Recognition of major brands After its entrance into Peru in 2000, the next step was to launch the Kia brand in Argentina which was successfully carried out in 2001. SKBergé’s performance in that country was recognized and awarded by the Korean manufacturer in 2006. In terms of results, Kia Argentina is first on the sales volume list among the imported auto brands of this country.
More than 18 brands represented in the region At the end of 2010, SKBergé enters into the Colombian market with the distribution of Chrysler Group brands: Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Mopar. SKBergé’s business performance in Chile is added to its presence in Peru, Argentina and Mexico. Since its establishment in 1986, the company has been growing steadily achieving a significant international recognition which is reflected in the confidence shown by the automaker manufacturers that have chosen SKBergé as their official representative in Chile and becoming the importer that holds the representation of the major number of brands in the Chilean market.

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Training Project for Persons with Cognitive Disabilities
This initiative has been possible to carry out thanks to SKBERGÉ’s commitment undertaken through labor scholarships provided by the National Training and Employment Service (Sence) by training programs on warehouse assistants.

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