Our People
“Great companies are made of great people”
The company’s driving force In SKBergé we believe that an organization is more than just doing business, As a matter of fact since its startup our people have been the company’s driving force by which their professional skills and personal qualities have been a key factor for the company’s success.
Our Team of professionals We have built experienced teams of professionals specialized on each part of the value chain of the automotive business with the required skills and knowledge to provide solutions to a wide range of customer requests and meet the needs of clients seeking for continuous service and product improvements.
People who work to make other people feel good More than 1,000 staff members compose our committed work teams who are known for their integrity, responsibility and solidarity. Persons who work to make others feel good through work excellence which is part of the essence of our company.

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Training Project for Persons with Cognitive Disabilities
This initiative has been possible to carry out thanks to SKBERGÉ’s commitment undertaken through labor scholarships provided by the National Training and Employment Service (Sence) by training programs on warehouse assistants.

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